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Bad Grammar Can Inspire A Laugh, But The Joke Is On You

“We guarantee all our perennial plants. None like them.” Don’t Make That Mistake! Little errors like this one can slip through in web ads or website copy and strike a funny note, yet it comes with a cost.

Twelve years ago small business expert and public speaker Dave Crenshaw published a little book that contained a big message: “Doing it all gets nothing done,” or, as the book is called, “The Myth of Multitasking.” Crenshaw presented a business management parable of sorts in this book, a narrative that highlighted how our modern, technology-driven work and personal routines can rob business owners and managers of the one key factor in quality assurance, focus.

Developing web content that is compelling, concise and correct demands focus that many small and medium sized business owners have neither the time nor skill set to manage and develop on an ongoing basis. The result shows up in grammar errors and poor spelling, and both of those drive bounce rates higher, increase Google Ad costs and drives down bottom line profits. put the cost of grammar and spelling mistakes to the test with an A/B test that put ads and websites with errors in grammar and spelling up against ads and websites that were error free. The result? “Not only did users notice the typos in the ads and, therefore, click on them less, but Google’s algorithm also picked up on the reduced CTR and required us to pay more per click.”

Website visits fall by 4%

The cascading impact across performance KPIs is significant:

  • Website visits fall by 4%;
  • Ad scores plummet, while ad costs skyrocket by up to 70%;
  • Website bounce rates increase; and
  • Google hammers the website’s page ranking.

Such results can’t be ignored without paying a tangible price.

Tackling them can be managed in one of two ways. Take to heart Crenshaw’s business prescription to focus on each task (one at a time) that must be completed; or protect your business by working with experts who do nothing but focus on ensuring your ad and website copy is error free.

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