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When You Find That Perfect Job Posting, Make Sure It Is Perfect

What’s the first step you should take after finding a career posting at a large corporation that looks like the perfect match? If your answer is, “Submit your job application,” we say: Don’t Make That Mistake!

Do some digging and find out if the job description and the role are in fact aligned.

HR departments at large corporations can resemble Byzantine bureaucracies, preparing such broad role descriptions that the meat of the job gets lost in an effort to cover every possible responsibility the role could ever be imagined to have.

Track down the hiring manager or anyone familiar with the role

Take this example, from a large North American-based corporation (odd spelling and grammar included!):

  • Provides advice and guidance to assigned business/group on implementation of solutions aligned to regulatory risk appetite based on an understanding of business operations and stakeholder needs.
  • Consults on new products, services and automated systems to assist with incorporating compliance requirements into these initiatives.
  • Influences to achieve effective regulatory compliance controls that enable business objectives.
  • Identifies and advises on emerging issues and trends to inform decision-making.
  • Helps determine business priorities and best sequence for execution of business/group strategy.
  • Builds effective professional relationships with business group, internal/external stakeholders and trust with regulators.
  • Analyses and reports on compliance data, and related data to gain insights on regulatory risk.
  • Oversees the development and maintenance of guidelines and procedures, providing advice as necessary.
  • Participates in the design, implementation and management of core business/group processes.
  • Conducts and/or effectively challenges risk assessments for business/group and assists to identify more effective compliance controls.
  • Performs and/or effectively challenges monitoring and testing activities to ensure regulatory compliance controls are operating and aligned to regulatory requirements.
  • Supports root cause analysis in response to material control failures in business/group.
  • Identifies, assesses, effectively challenges and oversees the satisfactory resolution of issues, including ensuring adequate management remediation plans and validation.
  • Elevates high profile issues/risk cases to Compliance and business/group management for prompt resolution.
  • Analyzes and reports compliance information to Compliance and business/group management.
  • Develops and maintains a high level of expertise in all regulations, directives and guidance which apply to the group(s) supported.
  • Ascertains training needs and helps develop training based on gaps identified through the compliance monitoring and testing.
  • Identifies enhancements to business group compliance tools and processes and communicates to required stakeholders.
  • Assists business group management in communicating and implementing changes to applicable regulatory policies and procedures.
  • Anticipates/ identifies and analyses risk and consequences of unaddressed risk factors/ compliance gaps, and recommends appropriate controls.
  • Operates effectively within a high stress environment with constantly changing expectations and regulatory & audit scrutiny.
  • Communicates the roles and importance of each of the three lines of defense, and proactively identifies regulatory risk.
  • Focus is primarily on business/group within XX; may have broader, enterprise-wide focus.
  • Provides specialized consulting, analytical and technical support.
  • Exercises judgment to identify, diagnose, and solve problems within given rules.
  • Works independently and regularly handles non-routine situations.
  • Broader work or accountabilities may be assigned as needed

When a team member at this corporation who is familiar with the role was contacted and asked the main responsibilities this role is likely to have, those above in red were not just the primary ones, but the only ones. There was no way whomever assumed this role would undertake the other tasks!

The first thing to do when you find what sounds like a great role at a large corporation is track down the hiring manager or anyone familiar with the role and ask them for some “off the record” details about the primary responsibilities. This guards against time wasted preparing a resume, cover letter and completing the online application process. Importantly, it avoids the soul-destroying auto-response from HR that the firm is proceeding with a better qualified candidate, when in fact they are preceding with a more junior candidate because the role was a junior position to begin with.

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