EditThis.biz is the culmination of thirty years working with leading academics, journalists, business executives, entrepreneurs and professionals as a scholar, writer, editor and risk management consultant at some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Across these experiences a defining success factor I witnessed is this: Communicating clearly and concisely, using well chosen words that shine through clichés and business-speak engages audiences, gives them pause, and opens doors to change and opportunities.

EditThis.biz was founded to affordably share this skill set with businesses and professionals with great stories to tell and value to offer, but not the time to develop and hone business writing skills that maximize audience engagement.

Every business and professional’s advantage in their respective markets is the ability to effectively tell their stories. EditThis.biz is here to help ensure you do.

John Turley-Ewart. Founder – EditThis.biz

John Turley-Ewart graduated with distinction from Western University’s Executive MBA program, has a PhD from the University of Toronto in business and political history, spent a decade as an editor and writer in the newspaper business, and worked for the last 10 years in risk management consulting between New York and Toronto.